The word “Asavah” is derived from Sanskrit, aptly meaning life, and we at Asavah
respect the very nature that is the source of all life. Asavah is a private limited organization with
its primary focus on the supply of food products, of exceptional quality and reputable standards,
our humble intention to mediate between food of superior quality and the entire humankind.
Every product under the Asavah banner is gathered from ergonomic farmers who utilize modern
technology in supervised climatic conditions, to create wonderfully delicious and captivatingly
fragrant food, worthy of noble praise.
Food is not merely a material of sustenance, it is fuel for every cell contained within us, it
is medicine for our growth and it is what makes life worth living. If we dare linger in our
childhood, we are simply reminded of a time where our dear grandmothers would satisfy our
cravings, leaving our appetite and souls heartily content while mending any tenacious ailment
that may arise, all with food prepared from love and care. Organic food too is influential in
treatment of physical ailments, and at Asavah we understand this and we aspire to deliver
organic food, contained within it the love, care and nourishment of our mother earth. We raise all
our crops by implementing the best agricultural techniques, be it spices, oils and herbal teas, all
of our produce is of untainted quality. At Asavah we prioritizes the end product and its patrons,
and over time we have been able to focus on various health benefits like Antioxidant Capacity,
Pesticide Reduction, Heart Health, Immune System Boost, Antibiotic Resistance and Overall
Improvement in Health, all the while not compromising on quality nor the flavor of our product.
Asavah wishes to be an organization that focuses on not just the product but the soil
which nourishes the crops, the farmers that tend to them and the water that enriches the Earth. In
India, we work with farming innovators, whose knowledge and experience is absolutely crucial
in developing our products. In our commitment towards quality, we have travelled to foreign
lands and in Vietnam, the pioneers of Asavah have discovered spices rich in flavor and taste, and
of unparalleled quality. These products were imported and were welcomed into the local market,
in turn motivating us as an organization to be better that we were yesterday and work towards a
legacy of uncompromised quality and flavor for generations to come.

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